Scope of our Program

Our Compliance and Ethics Program Code of Ethics covers the compliance issues, laws and regulations, and guidelines that are relevant to a provider of senior services including Senior Living Communities that provide a wide range of healthcare services. This includes but is not limited to Medicare and Medicaid regulatory issues; guidelines from the Office of Inspector General, Internal Revenue Service, and the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services, Occupational Safety and Health Administration; as well as other federal and state regulatory and business issues. The program fosters a culture of compliance that promotes legal and ethical behavior in the workplace by creating processes that detect and prevent fraud, waste, abuse, and policy violations.

We use the term PARTNER to define the various individuals who are partnered with MENNONITE HOME COMMUNITIES OF OHIO (MHCO). All individuals, including employees, contractors, volunteers, directors, and officers are members of our team in providing care and services to our residents. We use the terms ELDER or RESIDENT to refer to individuals who receive the various types of healthcare and other services that we provide whether it be within the walls of MHCO or in their private homes where they are served by Mennonite Home Health and Senior Services.

Any questions regarding the policies in this Code of Ethics, compliance policies, or related references, should be directed to your immediate supervisor, the Compliance Liaisons, a member of the Compliance Committee, or the Compliance Officer (see Appendix A for a list of names).

MHCO is a retirement community that provides a continuum of care which includes the services listed below:

  • Independent apartments and villas
  • In-home clinical and non-clinical services
  • Assisted Living
  • Intermediate and Skilled Nursing Care
  • Services to children, including day care, preschool, and after school programs

Mennonite Home Communities of Ohio offers services that are licensed by the Ohio Department of Health, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, and the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare.

The CODE OF ETHICS is supported by additional policies and procedures of MHCO.  For more specific guidelines, see the appropriate policy or procedure.

Compliance Officer

The Friends Services for the Aging (FSA) Vice President of Compliance, Karla Dreisbach, CHC, CHPC, serves as our Compliance Officer. She has the responsibility to assist the Compliance Liaisons, the COO, and the Board of Directors in designing and overseeing efforts in establishing, maintaining, and monitoring compliance within our organization.

The Compliance Officer works with the COO and our Compliance Liaisons and has direct reporting responsibility to the Board of Directors. The Compliance Officer is responsible for continued coordination with the Compliance Liaisons for the development, implementation, training, monitoring, and enforcement activities related to the overall compliance program. The Compliance Officer is assisted by Peace Church Compliance Program (PCCP) Compliance Managers and Compliance Specialists in providing services to our organization.

Civil Rights Act Statement

Mennonite Home Communities of Ohio complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation, age, or military or veteran status.  For further information regarding this policy contact our Administrator at 419-358-1015 or Ohio Relay 711.

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Compliance Program Management

Our Board of Directors, through the COO, carries the overall responsibility for creating a culture that values and emphasizes compliance and integrity.

Compliance Liaisons have been appointed by the COO and Board of Directors and are responsible for coordinating the day-to-day compliance activities in conjunction with the Compliance Officer. These activities include audits, responses to hotline calls, and leading the organization’s Compliance Committees. The Compliance Liaisons also serve as the Privacy Officers.

The MHCO Compliance Committee is comprised of members of the management team and other key staff positions. The Compliance Liaison is the chairperson for this committee. The committee meets at least quarterly, and more frequently as needed.  SEE APPENDIX A- Committee Members.

Historical Commitment to Christian Service and Ethical Business Practices

The Board of Directors established a list of six CORE VALUES, and MISSION and VISION Statements which guide the day-to-day management of all communities of MHCO.

Core Values

  1. Relationship through Community

We are dedicated to nurturing the sense of family that flourishes among our staff, residents, clients and volunteers.  We value the support of our churches and community.   These foundational relationships are a sacred trust and we are devoted to preserving that trust in everything we do.

  1. Compassionate Care

We seek to honor God as we demonstrate a Christ-like love and compassion to all touched by our ministry of continuing care.  Each individual member of our family is unique, worthy of respect and gentle consideration.

  1. Life Enrichment

We believe that true quality of life includes opportunities for life enrichment through meaningful activity, friendships, fun and personal decision-making. We affirm each person’s unique gifts and talents, and we endeavor to create an atmosphere where each has opportunity to maximize his or her potential.

  1. Integrity

As a not-for-profit, mission driven organization, we are devoted to responsible management of the financial, human, and natural resources entrusted to us with transparency, benevolence and honesty.  We are committed to being trustworthy and honorable in our actions.

  1. Excellence

We are dedicated to continuing our long tradition of progressive care and services designed to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of each generation.  Through our ministry, we desire to offer superior and distinctive services and environments which exceed expectations and glorify God.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to being a Christ-centered community that promotes personal decision-making and purposeful living for each older adult served.

Vision Statement

To be the community’s source of innovative care, excellent services and comprehensive resources for older adults.

In addition, The Board of Directors of Hilty Home adopted the following Mission Statement for the Hilty Home Community. 

Mission Statement—Hilty Home

~Loving Care in a Christian Environment~

  • Excellent Physical Care in a Christian Atmosphere (Matthew 25: 31-40)
  • Supportive Spiritual Care with Opportunities for Christian Growth (Colossians 2:6-7)
  • Compassionate Care with a Servant Attitude (Matthew 20: 25-27, John 13: 12-17)

From the Board of Directors:

Dear Partners:

We have a long tradition of providing healthcare services to older adults in a way that demonstrates Christian love and compassion.  We strive to follow our faith-based heritage of ethical and moral decision-making in the care we provide.  This heritage enables us to share our values with the residents we serve.

The healthcare industry is constantly changing and being impacted by numerous laws and regulations.  In our desire to establish a workplace that complies with these laws and regulations, we have developed a Compliance and Ethics Program that supports MHCO Partners in making the right decisions.  This document, called the Code of Ethics, represents the primary focus for our Compliance and Ethics Program.  The Code of Ethics not only reflects our heritage and values but also serves as a bold statement that influences how we enhance a resident’s quality of life.

The Compliance and Ethics Program and the Code of Ethics exist to guide our normal decisions that are both ethical and compliant with applicable laws, statutes, and regulations.  Our Code of Ethics does not replace each person’s obligation in making wise, fair, and honest decisions.  It is intended to explain our personal and organizational responsibility and to reflect those areas in which improper or unwise decisions can harm our entire organization and impair our commitment to share Christian love and compassion to those we serve.

We value your contribution to the residents and appreciate your support in properly maintaining the most ethical workplace possible.  We commend you for your commitment to honesty and integrity, which are also part of MHCO’S values.  Each Partner is responsible for helping to protect our work environment and its compliance with laws and regulations.  I thank you for your commitment and contribution to MHCO’S mission, values and, most importantly, to our residents.

Sincerely, MHCO Board of Directors

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