When it’s time to hang up the keys

Driving means independence and freedom for most of us, but sometimes decisions need to be made on whether driving should be continued. “Driving” this decision could be health issues, vision problems or just the combined issues of aging.

Some things to consider when helping a loved one make the decision to give up the driver’s seat include:

Has the older driver experienced a delayed response to unexpected situations? Is the driver easily distracted? Does the driver have decreased confidence in his/her abilities behind the wheel? Have there been frequent close calls? Do you notice new scrapes and dents on their car, the garage or mailbox?

Some health conditions that can affect a person’s ability to drive are stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, arthritis, diabetes and dementia. Remember, impaired drivers not only put themselves at risk but risk the lives of others as well.

If your loved one needs health care or help with chores and meals, contact Mennonite Home Health & Senior Services at 419-358-1015 ext. 300.