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Our Daily Bread Mobile Meals to Resume

MHCO is pleased to announce it will resume service of “Our Daily Bread” Mobile Meals from Mennonite Memorial Home in Bluffton and Hilty Home in Pandora on September 28th. The program provides a nutritious daily meal for people who are no longer able to prepare their meal in the Pandora and Bluffton Communities. Delivery is… Read more »

Potential Menu Items get a Trial Run at Maple Crest

Maple Crest residents who find gnocchi (no-kee) on their dinner plates may not be aware that the small, ridged shapes are made from potatoes.  Diners may not know that gnocchi was originally a Middle Eastern dish that made its way to Italy.  Finally, those who try the added pesto sauce for the first time, should… Read more »

Pies, Fried Chicken and Meatloaf Top the List for MMH Elders

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When Julie Wolfe arrives at work at 5:45 a.m., it’s more than likely she’ll start preparing scrambled eggs and bacon.  As a cook for Mennonite Memorial Home, Wolfe knows what her “customers” like and basic foods are always a hit.   When she varies the breakfast menu, it’s usually with standard fare such as pancakes and… Read more »