Willow Ridge Survey Shows Zero Deficiencies

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) has notified Willow Ridge that no deficiencies were listed on its April 5, 2018 inspection. Willow Ridge, a skilled nursing facility located in Bluffton, consists of two homes designed on the Green House model. Owned and operated by Mennonite Home Communities of Ohio (MHCO), the facility opened in 2012.

The Office of Health Assurance and Licensing, Bureau of Long Term Care conducts on-site inspections/surveys of nursing homes/facilities for compliance with state and federal rules and regulations and to ensure the quality of care and quality of life of the residents. Nursing home facilities in Ohio receive at least one unannounced inspection/survey during a 9 to 15-month cycle. The surveys include all aspects of care and services evaluated based on state and federal laws and rules.

According to Willow Ridge administrator Jessica Murphy, ODH notified her that Willow Ridge was found to be in substantial compliance with all regulations for both health care and life safety. Passing the ODH survey is one of the requirements for license to operate and for participation in Medicare/Medicaid.

The two homes at Willow Ridge were the first Green House homes in Ohio. This unique and radically different model of long-term care keeps the elder in the role of decision-maker and elevates the profession of caregiving. The house allows the elder to be in a true family home with his/her own bedroom and bath. Caregivers, called the Shahbazim, see to all the needs of the elders, and common areas in the homes contribute to a family environment.

“Four surveyors spent four days at Willow Ridge,” said Murphy. “They asked many questions about policies and practices, closely observed staff in action, and interviewed elders and families about their comfort and satisfaction. Our staff performed professionally and knowledgeably. They’re the reason for our deficiency-free survey.”

According to its website, the Ohio Department of Health is a cabinet-level agency. The ODH team is comprised of the chief of staff, the medical director and the general counsel. These leaders, along with agency senior-level managers and supervisors, work in tandem to ensure the state health department is responsive to the needs of Ohio’s 11.5 million residents. For more information on Willow Ridge, or other MHCO homes, call 419-358-1015 or visit mhcoliving.org