CMS Releases Reopening Recommendations

In recent weeks around the country conversations regarding the re-opening of states and communities are taking place as the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic recedes.

Discussions include all types of congregant living. Anyone living in “close quarters” is particularly vulnerable to resurgence of COVID-19.  We know all too well the devastating effects of a COVID-19 outbreak.

As Governor DeWine considers the re-opening of Ohio, there are also many conversations regarding the safe re-opening of regulated congregant living facilities, including skilled nursing and assisted living. Congregant Independent Living settings are also vulnerable to COVID-19 resurgence.

This week the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released formal recommendations to the states regarding this process. The intent to contain COVID-19 applies to any congregant living setting. This document can be viewed by following this link: QSO-20-30-NH Reopening 5-17-2020

Key considerations are the physical and emotional well-being of individuals and maintaining the safety of all residents.  We encourage residents and families to review this document and note both the desire to relax restrictions and the parameters of doing so. We continue to develop a phased MHCO plan for re-opening. Our timing will follow state and local guidelines that have not been released.

Thank you for your patience and prayer.

Stay well and the Peace of God be with us All.