COVID Update for MHCO Residents, Families and Staff

Dear Residents & Families,

We are pleased to share that Allen County has been taken off the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Watch List! While Allen Co remains at Level 3 (RED), we are trending in the right direction and are working to go to Level 1 (YELLOW) as quickly as possible. We strongly support Putnam County in their efforts to remain at Level 1 (YELLOW).

We have lived through the effects of COVID-19 and we want to ensure the continued safety of MHCO residents and staff.  Community spread remains a real and present danger, and serious risk to congregant living facilities.

We have made every attempt to follow guidelines established by ODH, our county departments of health and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). These guidelines feel restrictive and go against our inclinations to be in community with one another, especially our families and close friends.

As we live with these restrictions, there are increasing numbers of boundaries being pushed and exceeded.  Every risk that is taken puts residents those they live with at risk.

Residents – KUDOs for modeling safe practices by wearing masks outside your rooms or apartments, and social distancing within your facilities during activities and outdoor walks.

Family and Friends – Whether you like or dislike the MHCO guidelines for wearing masks and social distancing (> 6 ft.), we ask that you respect and follow them. At this time residents are not permitted to open windows, remove screens, engage in close personal contact, or visit on patios or porches outside of scheduled visits.

When you disregard these guidelines it creates an uncomfortable environment for the resident you are visiting, staff, and others. If you are not sure this applies to you, ask those around you.

Please take the initiative to express appreciation to those who are wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and engaging in other safe practices to contain COVID-19. When someone is missing a mask or getting too close, feel free to offer a friendly reminder. We all lapse from time to time.

If you have any questions regarding current guidelines, please check the MHCO website.  If you prefer a paper copy of the latest guidelines, contact the campus directly and they will provide this to you.

Thank you for your continuing efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 in our organization and communities. Together we can do it!

Stay well and the Peace of God be with us All.



Elizabeth Kelly, Acting COO