MHCO Affiliation Update

Elizabeth Kelly, Board Chair

Last December we sent Requests for Proposals to several long-term care organizations. We chose the recipients based on Mission, Vision and Values similar to ours.

A number of organizations expressed interest but stated that they are not able to make a proposal at this time. Many organizations are in transition or unable to navigate an affiliation due to responsibilities of COVID. We have received a handful of proposals. Our next steps are to carefully evaluate each one and compare them and then rank them.

Each proposal is unique! We are not comparing apples to apples; more like a variety fruit basket! Our consultants are helping us make the detailed evaluations and comparisons. This will take more time and require follow-up conversations with the organizations.

During this process we have learned that MHCO is highly regarded. We have also learned that new models of affiliation and business agreements are emerging in the long-term care world.

We expect to have a decision made by June 2021 and will keep you informed as the process continues.

Elizabeth Kelly, MHCO Board Chair