MHCO to Explore Future Affiliation

In January of 2019 the Mennonite Home Communities of Ohio Board and Leaders engaged in strategic planning for the future. While a discussion regarding intentional consideration of affiliation with other organizations was held during that 2019 meeting, the decision was made to focus on aspects of our strategic plan that would improve operations. In early 2020 these efforts were reviewed, indicating good progress in operating efficiency and long-term cost savings.

In response to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, the MHCO Board established a “Post-COVID Committee” to review the current circumstances and guide our work forward in an uncertain world. The Board decided to move forward on the strategic goal of pursuing affiliation or partnership with another long-term care organization with similar values and mission.  During this process we have learned that we are not alone – a record number of small independent not-for-profit LTC organizations are being challenged in this post-COVID world. Many are choosing to affiliate in order to sustain their mission and ministry.

This week MHCO will extend invitations to a chosen list of organizations with values and missions similar to MHCO to consider the possibility of affiliation. This process is in the beginning stages and is expected to take months if not longer. This information is being shared with our residents, families, employees and the general public to ensure transparency and continued trust with the community and those that support MHCO.  The MHCO Board has made a commitment to communicate and share information in order to keep stakeholders informed.

According to MHCO Board Chair, Elizabeth Kelly, “There is much that is not yet known – details such as potential partners, how an affiliation might be structured, and how quickly the process moves forward are unknown at this time. What is known is that MHCO is committed to the employees, residents, and the communities who rely on us, and who we rely on. We are committed to the secure and vibrant future of MHCO.” Kelly emphasizes, “While the MHCO staff are identified as “Essential Workers”, we consider everyone in our extended circle of relationships and communities essential to the mission, ministry and future of MHCO. We give thanks for this broad network of support.”

As this process unfolds in the months ahead, regular updates will be given on new developments.  All are invited to keep up to date by visiting our website,

To view a video address on this subject from Elizabeth Kelly, visit: