Time to Take Off the Mask

The Public Health Emergency was lifted on May 11th resulting in several POSITIVE UPDATES!

Masks are no longer required for staff, residents or visitors on a routine basis.

Masks will be worn for someone with a respiratory illness; a person with known or suspected COVID;
when working in a neighborhood with a known respiratory or COVID outbreak; or when our community
is experiencing high levels of respiratory illness. All staff, residents or visitors are always welcome to
wear a mask and masks continue to be made available at Accushield kiosks and nurses stations.

Routine testing is no longer required.

Testing is only necessary if a person is symptomatic or has a known exposure. Outbreak testing at
MHCO will be based on levels of community spread, history of exposure and local health department

Please continue to sign in prior to your shift or a visit at the Accushield.

Over the next few days, you will notice a change to the questions on the Accushield.
PPE including N95’s, gowns, face shields and all other COVID precautions remain
in place when caring for a COVID positive resident.

Good infection control is our best safeguard to a healthy community.

A special THANK YOU to the residents and families for your continued
support and confidence in MHCO and to the MHCO team who have worked
tirelessly on the frontline to care for our residents. We’re truly inspired
by your personal commitment to making a difference in these unprecedented
and challenging times. You’ve embodied the mission of Mennonite Home
Communities of Ohio for all the residents who call MHCO home!