Vaccination Clinic Scheduling Under Way for MHCO Campuses

COVID-19 Vaccine Update from MHCO

We are happy to announce that the COVID Vaccination clinics are being scheduled on our campuses.  These clinics will be administered by CVS health, who will come on-site to our campuses to administer the vaccines to all residents and staff who choose to receive it.

CVS is reaching out campus by campus to schedule the vaccination clinics.  Upcoming clinics are scheduled for Willow Ridge on Tuesday, January 19th (clinic #2 at WR) from 11am to 5pm, Mennonite Memorial Home on Tuesday, February 2nd (clinic #3 at MMH) from 11am to 5pm, Hilty Home on Wednesday, February 3rd (clinic #3 at Hilty) from 11am to 5pm, and at Maple Crest Main Building on Wednesday, January 20th (Clinic #1 at Maple Crest) from 11am to 5pm (subject to change).  We have not been supplied with vaccines for Villa residents on any of our campuses. You will be notified when other clinics are scheduled.

Our communities are receiving the Pfizer vaccine, which requires two doses.  These two doses are to be received approximately 3 weeks apart. We understand that some want to learn more about the vaccine before being vaccinated.  Please review the following documents to learn more:

Vaccination Fact Sheet from our Pharmacy, Pharmacy Solutions  

Vaccination Fact Sheet from Pfizer, producer of the vaccine

Safety and Efficacy study of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine, by the New England Journal of Medicine

Each campus will have a total of three clinics to accommodate first and second doses for anyone who would like to receive it, or who may have missed the deadline for paperwork for the 1st clinic.

In order to vaccinate staff or residents who wish to receive the vaccination, the following pieces of information will need to be collected:

Vaccine Consent Forms:

Instructions for Completion of Vaccine Consent Forms:

Please complete the Patient Information and Insurance Information sections of the Vaccine Consent Forms.  The COVID-19 Screening Questions and Immunization Screening Questions should not be completed until the day of the vaccination clinic.  The consent must be signed on the 2nd page by the patient or their responsible party.  (If a responsible party signs, then the form must also be accompanied by the Responsible Party Consent Form, which can also be found above.)

Insurance and Prescription Cards:

    • Copies of insurance and prescription cards (these may be on file for residents. If not, it will need to be e-mailed or hand delivered to your campus.)

Options available to turn in paperwork:

    • Complete the electronic PDF file and electronically sign, and e-mail the attachment to
    • Print out the forms from the website, fill in by hand, and hand deliver with copies of your insurance card(s) to the front desk of your campus. (Willow Ridge elders and staff should turn their forms into the Mennonite Memorial Home Front Desk)
    • Pick up the paper forms from the front desk of your campus (Willow Ridge elders and staff can pick them up at the MMH front desk/vestibule), complete and return with copies of your insurance card(s) to the front desk.

Only those who complete the vaccine consent form will be vaccinated on the day of the clinic.  If you are unable to complete the forms in time for this first vaccination clinic, but wish to be vaccinated, you will be included in the 2nd vaccination clinic that is yet to be scheduled.  We will notify residents, families and staff of additional clinic dates as soon as we are made aware of them – look out for One-Call-Now and website updates.  If you are having difficulty retrieving One-Call-Now voicemails, please be sure that your voicemail is setup, and that your mailbox is not full.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Are residents and/or staff required to be vaccinated?

A:  No.  It is each and every patient’s and/or responsible party’s right to refuse the COVID-19 vaccination.


Q:  Will patients be charged for the vaccine?

A:  No patient will be charged for the vaccine or its administration.  The federal government will provide the vaccine, and the pharmacy will be reimbursed by the patient’s insurance, or in the case of the uninsured, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) program for uninsured patients.


Q:  Which vaccine will be made available?  What are the side effects?  Is it safe?

A:  We will be receiving the Pfizer vaccine.  Please see the linked documents shown above for more information about this vaccine, its efficacy and safety.


Q:  Who will be administering the vaccines at the on-site clinics?

A:  An appropriate practitioner from the pharmacy will administer the vaccines to residents and staff at the clinics.  Personnel are trained and certified according to company and state specific regulations.  All CVS pharmacists are trained in immunizations, CPR and OSHA.


Q:  Can patients receive other vaccines at the time of COVID administration?

A:  No, no patient should receive the COVID vaccine if they have received other vaccines within 14 days.


Q:  When will subsequent clinics be scheduled?

A:  The clinics are being scheduled at least three weeks apart, but we do not yet have dates for the subsequent clinics at this time.