UPDATE: Assisted Living Outdoor Visitation

Source: Athena Healthcare Systems

The Ohio Department of Health’s Third Amended Director’s Order to Limit Access to Ohio’s Nursing Homes and Similar Facilities, with Exceptions.  allows properly prepared assisted living facilities to begin to allow outdoor visitation on June 8. The lifted restrictions do not yet apply to nursing homes. 

Since word of this order was made known, MHCO has been carefully considering all implications for both resident physical and mental well-being when determining when to allow outdoor visitation for Assisted Living residents.

The Assisted Living communities at the Mennonite Memorial Home and Hilty Memorial Home have developed Outdoor Visitation Guidelines and will begin outdoor visits next week.  An Outdoor Visitation policy is still pending for Maple Crest.  Outdoor visitation will begin at the Mennonite Memorial Home on Monday, June 15th, and at the Hilty Home on Thursday, June 18th.

To ensure the safety of residents, staff and visitors during these outdoor visits, significant safeguards have been put into place.  While each campus’ guidelines are slightly different to accommodate differences in schedules, staff, and building layouts, all will require visits to be scheduled in advance during specific times, participants to be wearing masks at all times, use of hand sanitizer prior to visits and the practice of social distancing.  We ask that you carefully read the guidelines for your campus prior to your scheduled visit – these guidelines can be found by clicking the links below.

Mennonite Memorial Home Assisted Living Outdoor Visitation Guidelines

Hilty Home Assisted Living Outdoor Visitation Guidelines